Monday, February 10, 2014

Zentangle Challenge #6

Here it is Challenge #6!!! I don't think I've ever talked about being a Past Lives Divinator, but it is something that I really do enjoy. A big part of what I do is reading Natal Charts in order to see the karmic impacts of the past on your present life. Being so deeply involved in the study of the Signs and Planets I thought that incorporating their symbols into Zentangle would be a lot of fun! So this one I used the symbol for Aries as my String to break up my tile. Aries is a Fire sign so I used Red and Orange to do the tangle inside of the symbol to let it contrast with the black.  The Week 6 challenge was to use the IXORUS pattern in the tangle and that is present too! I also played around with vanishing vantage points with a couple of the patterns, overall I think the look is pretty cool. Enjoy!!

Have a wonderful week, I probably won't be around for a couple of days, Atlanta is expecting a serious ice storm and I will leave for work this evening and probably not be home until Thursday. Yay for the paycheck, but I'm really going to miss my children. Don't worry, I'm bringing some Tangling supplies and will be able to pass down time hours with something creative and beautiful. 

Blessed Be,



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