Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zentangle Challenge #2

Ok, so I have stumbled upon this Zentangle Weekly Challenge put out by The Diva, she started for 2011 so I went back to the beginning of the challenges.... they are supposed to be weekly, but I'm playing catch up, and well, if I want to do more than one or skip around, that's a benefit of starting late! 

The challenge for Week 2 can be found HERE and the task was to use two pencils together to make the string, kind of cool is a really easy way to get a Ribbon Effect. I chose a ZigZag. Well I bought the book The Art of Zentangle: 50 Inspiring drawings, designs & ideas for the meditative Artist  and seriously, there are some great things in there!!! Even how to do Fae with Zentangle. Anyway love the book. And I got to this part of my Tangle and got stuck, I couldn't decide what to do with the empty space, I knew I wanted spirals on the ribbon, but had this gap to fill.  Which was frustrating, so I took a break and then came back to it. 


About 30 minutes after my break I sat back down and flipped through my book, and thought the arcs are a great way to fill in this space, it would have a yin/yang effect by having half the grid dark and half the grid light, and I knew what I was going to do with the Ribbon, though the double circles between was a surprise!

Other Tangles I've done are this Brighids Cross for Imbolc:

And here you can see some practicing in my notebook with the ideas from the wonderful Art of Zentangle book, but most important the Toadstool, an experiment in color, feels very Wonderland to me, and I think a Toadstool series for the notecards I'm making would be fabulous!!

I actually did the 3rd Challenge already too, but I'm being good and only one Challenge "tile" per post so I can directly link them to the linky machine on The Divas Site. 

I'm really enjoying the Zen Tangle, and the many options available by delving into this. It makes me look artistic when I'm really not, lol. 


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