Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Zentangle Challenge #4

Well the fourth challenge from The Diva (button over there on the right sidebar) was to use a Star or incorporate a Star in the creation of the Zentangle. This one is special for a couple of reasons. 1 it is the first time I used the Printemps pattern, I've done spirals before, but these ones actually cut off and overlap. Also, I modified the cross stitch and made the X's little stick stars, guess they look like an asterix a little. I left the Star outline plain so it could pop out of the design and not be lost. And looking at this picture as I type this I realize I didn't initial this one, better do that! 

This one is another note card, I have to say I enjoy making them as note cards, just need the right people to write to, you know the ones who don't throw cards away.... I'm thinking my sisters in the Mists will make great candidates....

Well, I really should do some kind of post for the 44 Days of Witchery and I want to jump into the Pagan Blog Challenge this year, just seem to get distracted easily, lol. 

More later,



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